Friday, June 17, 2011

Thrifting machine!

Today's adventure started with waking up, showering, getting ready, having clean underwear without a 10 minute search, and going to work ---- joy....not so much because I have been tired all day, but I decided I wanted to do some thrifting at one of my favorites stores on the SOUTHSIDE ***said like a real gangsta ;) anywhoozle lets just say thank the lord above that I decided to go....I completely SCORED! got around 56 pieces (dinner plates, dessert plates, cake pedestal, queen size sheet, little teapot, and a vintage glass pop bottle) for an AMAZING price which I will disclose on here tomorrow....don't want to ruin the fun now do we haha the ladies at the check out counter thought I was a complete nutcase, which yes on most days but today I was on a mission! This little (actually it's quite large) thrift store will be my home until September....can't flipping wait....also, got a free bag for spending over a certain amount - thats how cool I am....nothing else real exciting just so hungry I could potentially keel over at any second, wait, what was that....Wendy's you are calling my name? haha jk folks....until tomorrow peace, love, and happiness :D


  1. Hey Frannie, it's your Grandmama! I started a blog in September of last year. Not much on it yet but hope that I can add to it since I'm now fully retired. I love yours. Good Job!

  2. Whoops! Forgot to give you my blog address: