Monday, June 20, 2011

Figured out my direction

This blog is supposed to be about me (and Andrew) all day every lets make this happen....I'm currently planning my wedding....and I work in funeral service - so I think it is time to mesh the two and show everyone things they have maybe never heard of before....can't wait! :D

This link ( will take you to an article about a couple that got married in a funeral home - might seem weird, but some of these newer funeral homes are incredibly nice and since this is a "newer" thing I'm sure you could work out a deal with some of the funeral homes that have never held an event....hello savings! :D

Source: The Hamil Family Funeral Home

Just take a look at the above funeral home (this is just an example - may or may not offer wedding services)....GORGEOUS!....even if you didn't utilize the facility you could take some picture in front of the fountain....every day I am going to try and post something about a wedding or funeral products you may have never heard of....I don't want this to be a morbid thing at all, just have any of you ever heard of LifeGem? - turning your remains into a diamond?...probably not but it is an incredibly nice "remembrance" piece...more on that later....until tomorrow peace, love, and happiness :D


  1. I've heard of the Life Gems. Kind of a neat idea. Maybe all of you should sprinkle a few of my ashes in a dish and keep me around that way lol.

  2. Haha...I don't care what happens as long as I get my PEMA mirror...LOL jk! love u ;)