Friday, June 24, 2011

Ivory tea length wedding dress = I'm in love!

Someone please run over to Etsy and buy this! I'm crazy in love with ivory, tea length, and lace - which makes this dress perfect! I'd buy it this instant if my bust (or any other part of me haha) was a size 7/8....I'm sure you can all figure out that I will be wearing a vintage tea length (or shorter) wedding dress, if that means losing 800 lbs. because vintage runs SO small I'll do it! Ahhhh I can just see a girl standing in a field with some gorgeous sunset lighting frolicking around in this dress, can't you? Animalheadvintage is the seller and at $400 it's a steal!

All photos courtesy of: Animalheadvintage via Etsy

Another thing I love about vintage dresses (especially the 50's) are that you wouldn't have to wear any jewelry and u'd still look "complete"!


  1. This is very pretty and "looks" like you. Are you going to wear the mask too lol? Don't know if it's just me but your blog is so pale it's hard for me to read. Just saying. Love ya Frannie!

  2. maybe it's your old eyes...haha jk...let me know what part is pale...thanks gma!