Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY S'mores

Found this idea awhile back and always thought it was so cute, but my original wedding plan wasn't to be married on my Aunt's farm, so having s'mores wasn't really an option - but it is an option now and I just can't resist using the idea!....this honestly could be the part at my "reception" I am most excited about - I plan to set up a s'mores bar, have a bonfire, and let everyone know on the invite that they should bring their own lawn's going to be very casual and laid back....ahhh can't wait!

The Marshmallow Stick Company has the wooden "child-friendly" sticks that I'll be using at a great price! and now that I saw this writing on a stick (below) I'd love to personalize them with a little saying or L+A

For full tutorial/instructions please click here

such a nice "detail"
Top photo(s) courtesy of: Project Wedding
Bottom photo courtesy of: HGTV

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