Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Tidbits

Ideas, ideas, ideas.....

Vintage/floral dishes....I have already been hitting up the thrift stores for these....one place has 10 cent cups & plates for around 59 cents - can't beat that! I picked up a cake stand and a little tea pot on my adventure there as well! Don't think Goodwill is your only option, because I've found they are actually more expensive than the thrift stores (charge over $1 for plates)

Photographer: Kyle Hepp via Ruffled

Beverage Station....I'm hoping my uncle will build a little lemonade stand, it will not only look cute but I'm hoping to have my little cousins "work" at it right before the reception - Gordmans or Bed, Bath, and Beyond carry these glass pitchers at very reasonable prices - you could even add a few treats, maybe some sugar cookies YUM!....Bunting looks perfect for these stands too....I'm mildly obsessed with bunting and think it looks great anywhere so I might be a bit biased ;)

Photographer: EE Photography via Ruffled

How could you not love this bunting? and the little vintage cups are already set out - I think birdcages are becoming a very popular wedding staple...undecided on whether I will use them or not, but they look so cute for these vintage weddings!
Photography: Tamara Kuzminski via Intimate Weddings
Lace wrapped mason jars....I'm not sure why, but mason jars scream vintage/country/backyard wedding....I plan to have these (with votive candles inside) hanging from the tree that I will be married under - little whimsical touch....not only lace wrapped jars, but lace will be used for the tablecloths as well
Source: Style Me Pretty
Vintage linens.....they will be used to cover the hay bales - I am using hay bales as the ceremony seating and will have normal white wood folding chairs for the reception....I am sticking with a floral theme and they are vintage...duh ;)

Photo taken from: Jennadesigns
Figured I had been posting other weddings all day long, so I better give you guys some insight on mine...don't want to give it all away today, so keep watching and I will do this as time goes on!

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