Friday, June 24, 2011

Brooch Bouquets!

Before we get into today's feature photo session I want to talk about brooch bouquets....I am a huge jewelry collector....have been collecting since high school - my grandma gave me most of her collection, but I also was able to find a couple HUGE bags full of a jewelry at a garage sale - I sorted that bag like it was my job (even color coordinated it) haha - I never really had any use for my 2 huge buckets full of earring, necklaces, and brooches....but then I got engaged...HELLO brooch bouquets! Finally figured out what to do with all my "junk" and for someone like me that doesn't really care much for flowers this is an awesome way to DIY! I'll post a tutorial I really like and some random pictures I have come across...if you want someone really talented to make your bouquet for you it might cost you a pretty penny, but I would check out Etsy....actually if you need anything "crafty" just go there :)...can't wait to start mine and show you guys the end result!

For step-by-step instructions please check out Fancy Pants Weddings (just click the link it will take you right to it)

4 photos above courtesy of: Fancy Pants Weddings
Last 2 photos courtesy of: Noaki via Etsy
I would really check out Noaki's can even send in your own collection of jewelry for a custom order or she can use her own collection - gotta love that!

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