Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purchases, purchases, purchases {for sale}

Internet shopping has a SEVERE hold on my life...just run up and talk to my complexes office...I get packages almost every single day and, yes, I said package(S) - today, I received: Andrew's tie for the wedding (so cute), another sheet (to cover the hay bales), and my gold mini dress (which is too short....ugh)- and yesterday Andrew's suit came, which by the way was much darker in person and his big manly chest wouldn't fit into the vest ---- yes this post is getting somewhere....I have consumed SO much junk (very, very pretty junk) and would like to pass some of it off to who ever would need it....

First up: Amrita Singh 18K gold plated floral bib necklace...Originally $150 & no longer in stock on the website....bought this gorgeous baby for my expensive "fancy" wedding and now since have changed my plans---and my jewelery


 2nd: Vintage 60's gold lace mini M-L-XL---will have matching vintage jelly shoes to go with if you are interested (pictured below)---just received the dress today, but it is too short :(

Shoot me an email @ or leave a comment if you'd be interested in any of these things....Andrew's vintage suit might show up on here soon too...and tonight I'm hoping to give you guys some inspiration for bridesmaid's dresses tonight, so check back!

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