Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doing something new....

So, I've decided to become a blogger....why? I sit on the internet all night long looking at NUMEROUS wedding/diy/vintage blogs and decided I needed my own blog. This is me "fitting" in with all the other cool kids ;). Anyways, enough about the reasons why I'm doing this and on to what really life. - haha

Woke up today, showered and got ready for work - like I do every single day of the week (except Saturday and Sunday...this is how I know God is real) - Work went fast in the morning and then off to my lunch break - I have been on this Naked Juice kick lately and didn't have any at work so had to venture out to get some - Target seemed like the best choice since I could look for a new dress for the weekend (going to Aland with my squirrel) and get Naked haha - Well, I found a new dress at Target and some undies cuz its getting a little old not having any in the morning - yeah yeah I don't feel like doing laundry - Ok so dress in hand I go look for my juice and they don't have it - Hy-vee is right across the parking lot so I run over there quick.....HA! quick turns into me walking around the store for probably a good 20 minutes and STILL no Naked....I was pretty unhappy considering that was my lunch - went back to the office and was greeted every so happily by Stefany saying "Lakin, thank god you are here!" *wish I was greeted like this every day - come to find out she needed a spoon for her lunch and couldn't walk to the kitchen since her back has been hurting so bad from being a prego - then back to work - Stefany and Suzanne both left early so I had a very easy day of searching google for random wedding things then left and headed to Goodwill - didn't find everything I wanted and realized my budget for 50 cents a dinnerware piece such as forks, cups, and plates isn't feasible - BUT I did find the cutest little seat and holder of some sort? ***will post pics - then I wanted to head to Funky Finds downtown and thought I knew where I was going but nope got lost...great...lost downtown during rush myself out of that mess and headed to my Hy-vee because they for sure do have Naked! Ended up buying these other drinks that are equally as healthy and just as big as the Naked drinks, but they were on sale for $2.99 and Naked's are $ day ever or? Now I'm waiting for Andrew to get home so we can go pick up my new divider that will be used as the backdrop for our ceremony after I paint it Tiffany that is my day in a nut shell....a very very big nutshell....peace, love, and happiness :D (and no I'm really not this corny its just fun to say)

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