Monday, June 27, 2011

My recent wedding purchases

Today I'd like to showcase my most recent wedding rules: - 1st rule is: it has to be reasonably cheap - 2nd rule: it should be vintage/old - 3rd rule: it has to be cute...obviously! haha - Now this won't be everyone's go to list, but it works for me and I've been finding some INCREDIBLE deals! Coming from someone who originally had a $20,000 wedding planned and cancelled the whole thing, it feels great attempting to make this a $5,000 wedding! If you learn anything from this blog, it's be about the budget! Even if you don't HAVE to stick to one why spend more money than you have too? I go getting chatty to the pictures! tell me what you think!

What Andrew will wear: 1970s Grey Wool 3 Piece Suit + an extra red vest- $87 (shipping included) - He won't wear the jacket just a button down, vest, tie, and pants...cute!

photo courtesy of: pastperfectvintage via Etsy

Tie: 1970s GANT brand tie - $15 (shipping included) -
might get him a reception tie that matches my gold dress too!
photo courtesy of: beckyplantstrees via Etsy
What I will wear for the ceremony: 1960s tan, above-the-knee, all over lace dress - $67 (shipping included) - still searching for shoes!
photo courtesy of: lovebirdsvintageshop via Etsy
What I will wear for the reception: 1960s gold lace mini cute is this dress? and the price? $41 (shipping included)
photo courtesy of: dirtybettyvintage via Etsy
Shoes for gold lace dress: vintage jelly shoes by Johansen - $45 (shipping included) - bit of a splurge, but they match perfectly!
photo courtesy of: Threads30Thirty via Etsy

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will have a new "professional" blog template & a gorgeous farm wedding for the feature!

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