Friday, June 24, 2011

Angel + Drew Engagement Shoot!

Today I'm happy to feature Amanda McLeod Photography - She calls this shoot "Puppy Love" cute! But first I'd like to share a little bit about her business.....

My business kind of evolved out of a hobby.  I really enjoyed photography and spent a lot of time practicing on my very photogenic little sister.  Eventually friends and family started asking me to take their pictures.  Not too long after that I was asked to photograph a few weddings - something I hadn't really ever considered doing.  The first wedding I did was terrifying and I didn't know if I was cut out for that kind of job.  But after the second wedding I was hooked.   It's hard to believe that this weekend I will be shooting my twenty eighth wedding!  (And I still get nervous before each one!!)  I love being part of such an exciting and joyous day.  And I especially love getting to know each couple and then getting to watch their families grow!  I seriously have the best job in the world.

The bride-to-be, also, wanted to write a story about her wedding plans to share with everyone...all you vintage/diy lovers out there are really going to appreciate what she has planned so far! Check that out and then dive right into the engagement photos!

My fianc√© is a laidback country boy and I am a crafty nature girl. We want our Iowa wedding to be an honest reflection of our passions, tastes, and relationship. We are including a lot of do-it-yourself details like calligraphy, soy candles, mason jar centerpieces, and burlap runners at our wedding. For our flowers, we are using Iowa wildflowers and grasses mixed in with a variety of flowers from our grandmothers’ gardens. While mapping out our budget, we prioritized photography and food. We are both in school to become teachers and our budget is limited ($4,000).  Thankfully our wonderful parents are helping us pay for many of the expenses that come with planning a wedding.

It was important for us to have good food at the reception. Our guests have been asked to bring a dessert for a potluck desert table. Many friends and family members are looking forward to sharing their best cookies, pies, and cakes! For the main course, we are having A Guy and a Grill from Muscatine, IA cater our reception with the Iowa food we both grew up on: pork, cornmac, and green beans.  The ceremony will be held outside and our reception will be held at a beautiful lodge overlooking a lake. There are many musicians in the family, so there will be instruments playing and voices singing throughout the celebration.

We were very happy with the engagement photos and cannot wait to see the images Amanda Mcleod captures on our special day in August!

----Kudos to brides with a budget! I have a budget set out, as well, and for me the fun is finding all the good deals! It will really help you have a hand in all your planning and make the day even more special!....ok, ok I'll stop talking now....PHOTO TIME! :)

I love the brightness in all the photos!

so it!

All photos courtesy of: Amanda McLeod Photography

*****had some suggestions to make my photos larger (1st large pictures in this shoot) & have a less "busy" background image- so until I find a new background it will be this pink one...if anyone has backgrounds that aren't hideous help a girl out!


  1. My wedding is also vintage & nature themed! And it's in Iowa! When are they getting married? I can't wait to see pictures of the ceremony/reception =)

  2. I am getting married September 8, 2012!...vintage and nature themed? sounds like a wedding I need to feature! :D

  3. Jeez! Just re-read this and realized you asked about their wedding not mine haha sorry! ---- they will be getting married in August