Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best day we have had in awhile....

Yesterday's vintage finds came to a total of $36....which breaks down to 60 cents a piece (trying to keep everything to 55 cents a piece) so VERY close to my budget...WOOT! Now to the good stuff :D

This was last night but we will lump it in with today....decided I wanted to go with lace tablecloths for the tables instead of queen-king size sheets (which are very hard to find) so started looking all over the internet and found that anything lace is way me being the crazy internet search-aholic that I am I looked all over and found some that were on sale for $10 a tablecloth....then did a little more research and found a 20% off coupon...hello $8 tablecloths....just one more thing out of the way....yes!

Then this morning I woke up and wanted to start work on my reception menus because I'm very focused on how my tables will look for the reception....I haven't been able to find anything I like and don't want to spend a ton of whipped up my own...what ya think? I happen to think it fits in very well with my vintage onto creating some sort of invitation and possibly save the dates....yay!

After creating the ole menu, I got showered and headed to a little 50's diner to meet Ralph and Rachael where I had the most amazing banana stuffed french toast...YUMMO...then we went to Adventureland for 9 part of the day was riding the log ride (or eating a pickle on a stick)....I got COMPLETELY drenched and our log almost tipped over...let me tell ya that was a good laugh we are planning a camping trip in a couple weekends, which I'm sure will be a great time! That is all I have for today because I'm until tomorrow peace, love, and happiness :D

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  1. I like the look of your menu. You did a swell job! Sounds like you had a fun time today! Love ya!